Parkour Classes


Indoor Classes

Indoor parkour classes are taught by experienced coaches with years of training. Students practice in a safer environment with more confidence and a greater ability to perform harder movements to transfer to outdoor environments.


Classes take place at:

Omaha Gymnastics Academy
1217-19 North Monroe St.
Papillion, NE 68046


Outdoor Classes

Outdoor parkour classes are taught at different locations and vary by lesson. Outdoor areas are the ideal place to learn parkour, because functional movements are taught in a realistic, high-impact environment.

Movements taught begin with drop landings, rolls, and preparing the body for impact. Once the body is equipped with the safety movements, we progress through easier motions to intermediate skills accordingly.

Private/Group Classes

Interested in an outdoor private or group lesson? Classes are led in outdoors areas where students can focus on movements needing practice.

General parkour lessons are held in areas where a variety of movements can be practiced. Focused lessons are held in areas with movement-specific architecture.<

We teach all ages! Fill out a form or email us at to schedule a lesson!

Community Classes

Unlike other sports, parkour is an entry-level sport and uses a progressionism framework. This means everyone can practice parkour, but the difficulty of movements will differs. This allows anyone, including the community, to practice.

We offer community parkour classes per request for school programs, retirement homes, fire fighters, and other groups. Ask us about your group and we can give you customized content to fit your needs!