Refer a Friend
You Get $20 Off*
They Get $20 Off

$20 discount per new student. 3 referring students = 1 free month of membership! Space is limited.


Parkour Referral Program

How Referrals Work - Indoor Classes Only

  1. Tell your friends about us by sharing the code "NEPK-REFER"!
  2. Your friend will register an account and list you in the "How Did You Hear About Us" section during sign-up.
  3. Your friend will use the code when checking out for a month of membership. Both your discount and your friend's discount will be applied at the beginning of the month he/she starts.


When Do Discounts Apply?

Your friend must sign up for a full month of classes. Discounts are for indoor classes only.

Who is eligible for the referral process?

Any current member who is taking classes can refer a new member who has never taken classes.

How do I earn my discount as a current member?

Once your friend enrolls and lists you when they sign up for a new account, your discount will be applied when your friend's first full month of enrollment begins.

When does my friend need to enroll by for the discount to apply?

Newly referred members must enroll prior to the month they wish to start. The discount will apply to your account and their accounts at the beginning of their first month. Just have your friends use the referral code, NEPK-REFER, during their first month's checkout!

What about my other discounts?

The referral discount will apply in addition to other discounts you have (such as the multi-family or multi-class discounts).

How do discounts work if two families with one student each enroll in classes?

Awesome! You'll get two discounts and they each get one. One new student = One discount.

How many friends can I refer?

Referrals can be stacked. If you refer three friends (students) in one month, your membership will be free for that month!

Can I pick which month to apply the discount to?

Referrals and discounts cannot rollover to future months. It works for your friend's first month.

I have a multi-family discount and would like to refer a new family with one child. What is my discount?

You'll receive one referral discount for the month on top of your current multi-family discount.

My friend forgot to use the code, NEPK-REFER at checkout! Do we still receive our discounts?

The code helps us track your referrals. Please email with the families who should have referred you if this happens.